Traser- Rapid fitting

Description I
Position Code
Left 642.200.032 100
Right 642.300.036 100
Traser-6 Rapid fitting detail

It won’t even take you any time. Fitting Traser-6 is child’s play.
Try it, you’ll be surprised.

A. Maximum problem-free adjustment and precision.

Why not respect the beauty of your furniture to the maximum? That’s What we do. We have reduced the number of holes to be drilled in your cabinet backs like no-one else. A small ø18mm hole provides Access to all adjustments. But we give you even more. If you don’t want to drill your cabinet backs, you can still fully adjust your Hanger. We are unique in this as well. Our adjustment screws never penetrate the back of the furniture.

B. Maximum safety.

In addition to speed, convenience and appearance, we also want you to know how safe our system is. Our R&D department has developed a product which can take a nominal load of 65 kgs. Per hanger. Months of effort and imagination and hundreds of tests have enabled us to certify compliance with the din 68840 standard certified by LGa (equivalent to 260kg. Of final load per set), cabinet height 700mm Depth 350mm. Please check for smaller sizes.

C.Maximum simplicity

By using the fixing lever you will discover the meaning of convenience. No other system can give you this. By just turning the lever 1800, you Will perceive the sensation of safety which our hanger’s anchoring system provides.

Traser- Rapid fitting

Traser- Rapid fitting

Indaux Atlas

The maximum load per hanger is 65 kgs. According to din 68840 (Equivalent to 260kg. Of a final load per set), cabinet height 700mm Depth 350mm.
Note: for smaller modules please consult us

Traser depth adjustment
Traser height adjustment
Depth adjustment.
Up to 25mm both at the front and back, in this case, without any need to drill the back of the furniture.
Height adjustment.
Up to 18mm with a phillips® No.2 , ø6 screwdriver or a pozidriv® no.2, ø6. Both adjustments through the same 18mm diameter hole